she walks away (1989)

by kosmonaut



This is the very first Kosmonaut song, but we were called Bulldozer Clarts back then. We recorded this Jesus and Marychain/Pale Saints rip-off on my old Fostex X-15 4 track tape recorder in Geoff's spare bedroom. It is incredibly lo-fi but you might be worth a listen, hopefully it displays a certain amount of fuzzy charm?

Ten years later we got together again and became Kosmonaut, recorded a new version, which was released on the German Firestation Towers record label .

The Clarts version of the song was originally released on a compilation tape that I released called Positively Teenage (thanks to Malcolm Reay then of Gravy Train now Kosmonaut for the title), the tape also came with a fanzine with a page written by all the bands. As it was a last minute decision to put "She walks away" on the cassette I decided not to do a Bulldozer Clarts page, instead I just wrote on the back page "Bulldozer Clarts are currently busy touring the UK with the Pale Saints" or words to that effect, I have often wondered if it was that sentence that influenced Albert Yu (a big Pale Saints fan) of Sunday Records to write and ask if he could release the song on the label that he was about to start (?). I think it probably was.


released September 19, 2017


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